Get Cash Back From a Pharmacy Error

Big box pharmacies are incredibly busy. At a large competitor like CVS, a pharmacist might fill 25 prescriptions an hour during the busiest parts of the day. In fact, between one and five percent of prescriptions in the United States includes an error. From overworked pharmacists to similar drug names and labels, many factors put people at risk for receiving the incorrect prescription. If you or your child have been the victim of a CVS prescription error, you may be entitled to compensation. This is especially true in the case of lost wages, lost income, medical bills, permanent injury, and undue pain and suffering.

40+ Free Oil Painting Video Tutorials For Beginners

Oil painting has a reputation for being difficult. It can be intimidating to try matching up to the old masters. Even trying to get rid of combustible rags can be scary. But don’t worry! There are plenty of people out there who have mastered oil painting—and they’ve put all of their knowledge online for free. You’ll learn what materials you need and how to mix colors(and how to avoid setting your house on fire). From Bob Ross style landscapes to anatomy studies, there’s plenty of info out there to take you from beginner to pro.

Find the Perfect Foods to Pair With Your Coffee

Not long ago, people only had one thing on their minds when they walked into a coffee shop-- caffeine. But for today’s coffee drinkers, coffee is about the full experience. More adults drink gourmet coffee than ever before, and that means that gourmet food is coming along for the ride. To shine a light on all the aromatic glory of your freshly roasted coffee, we bring you delicious pairings fit for the coffee roaster’s tasting room. This guide will break down coffee beans by their roasts and regions (with a spotlight on Colombian coffee!).